• Thimphu
  • Bhutan

Our mission is to increase measurable happiness in the world.

Data Happy Conference 2015 Outcomes

  • Experience Data Science in action through our interactive workshops
  • Gain the latest knowledge in the fundamentals of Data Science
  • Skills for directing yourself and others to the career path most beneficial
  • Build new relationships that support individual dreams
  • An evolutionary experience in practical applications of happiness analysis

This conference is for those that work with data and technology and have a desire to deepen their leadership skills through techniques that are aligned with the fundamental principles of Gross National Happiness (GNH). This 6 day program will be set in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, providing the perfect environment for heightened levels of creativity and innovation whilst maintaining a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves. Over the 6 days, you’ll experience teachings from experts in data science, Buddhist leadership and Gross National Happiness. This includes a creative workshop that aims to bring the full teachings of the conference together. This workshop session will be an experiential learning environment that delivers increased awareness of position, focused direction on next steps, and most importantly a refreshing sense of inner happiness that can be everlasting. Together with guided meditation sessions and ample opportunity for asking questions, engaging in dialogue with fellow data professionals, this will be an opportunity like no other.

There is an outstanding list of international and local speakers lined up from the fields of Data Science, Buddhist Leadership and Gross National Happiness. Including Professor of Futures Studies and founder of causal layered analysis Sohail Inayatullah.