• Julia Morgan Ballroom (map)
  • 465 California Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94104
  • United States

From the Structure site:

The cloud is the computer, but in 2015 we’re now dealing with many clouds. The current cloudscape comprises a handful of massively scaled public cloud options but also a large array of branded private clouds. Join us at Structure 2015 as we sort out this sometimes confusing scenario for you as the top minds in the business discuss the state of this multi-cloud world.

We’ll explore…

  • The burgeoning feature war waged by the major public  cloud vendors — cloud isn’t just about price wars anymore
  • Will public cloud eat private cloud?
  • How innovative end users from the NFL to Pinterest use cloud technologies to bring better services to their customers.
  • Can you really (really!) secure cloud-based applications?
  • Where does cloud deployment still lag on-premises IT and is the on-premises-to-cloud migration a certainty for all applications over time?
  • The future of the data-driven data center. Sensor-bedecked facilities will boost operational efficiency and reduce the risk of running the data centers that power cloud — and other operations.