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Blossom Academy is a leader in data science training, with a groundbreaking talent development program in Accra, Ghana. They have developed an exemplary, practice-oriented curriculum and, through their consulting arm, they are providing professional opportunities for their graduates. is proud to support Blossom Academy and to share our online resources with their students and applicants


The Foundations of Data Science

Our first collection of videos provides accessible and non-technical overviews of the field of data science and its facets, such as common programming languages and applications, the practical aspects of data sourcing, important mathematical concepts, and common statistical approaches.


The Tools of Data

In working with data, you’ll confront novel problems that require creative solutions. A wide range of tools can help you find these solutions efficiently and accurately. offers tutorials on the most important tools for working constructively with data. Current tools courses include introductory courses on Google Sheets, the open-source data analysis program jamovi, the statistical programming language R, the analytical application SPSS, the data gathering tool Typeform, and the data visualization app RAW.