We’re thrilled to announce our newest FREE online course! “RAW: An Introduction” is now available without charge to everyone. RAW is a free, online application by Density Design that allows you to create beautiful, creative, and insightful data visualizations in your web browser. RAW skips over graphics like bar charts and histograms that you could easily create in other applications. Instead, it builds on the power of D3.js to create unusual and sophisticated charts, like streamgraphs, alluvial charts, Voronoi tessellations, and circular dendrograms. In 22 videos and over 54 minutes, you'll learn how to import your data into RAW, quickly create custom charts, and export or embed your creations to share your insights with others.

“RAW: An Introduction” is available for FREE to all datalab.cc members. Just sign in or register for a free account, and get started exploring your data with RAW.