We’re thrilled to say that today datalab.cc moves out of its private alpha and into its open beta! Now everybody can see how datalab.cc can help them make the most of their data without first having to register and receive an invitation to the private alpha.

The open beta continues the development of datalab.cc, as we keep on creating new courses and add resources like quizzes and PDFs to the existing ones. During this time, all of our courses and collections will be offered at a substantial discount. Members who purchase courses at these discounted prices will, of course, receive all of the enhanced materials the moment they are released. In addition, many of the course bundles will include future courses as part of their reduced price. It’s a great time to get a jump on your learning and save money in the process!

As a historical note, Wikipedia states that 17 November 1558 represents the beginning of England’s Elizabethan era – as Queen Mary I died and was succeeded by Elizabeth I – which, in turn, marks the beginning of England’s “Golden Age” and the peak of the “English Renaissance.” That’s as good a reason as any to mark the day that – hopefully! – will begin datalab.cc’s golden age and the data renaissance for all of us!