The foundation for datalab.cc was set in 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, with the intention of helping people work productively with data. Our big picture goal is the democratization of data insight. That is, we believe that everybody – everybody – can benefit from being able to work fluently with data, no matter what their field of interest, their specific job title, or their level of involvement. As a result, datalab.cc has been designed to address the needs of nonprofit volunteers, entrepreneurs, STEM students, c-suite executives, and data professionals, among others. We will offer a full range of resources on data-related topics, from basic spreadsheets to advanced predictive modeling, with a focus on accessibility and efficiency. All of this is exemplified in our slogan: where data works.

Barton Poulson, Founder

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Barton Poulson has taught the principles and practices of data for over twenty years. He has a PhD in Social and Personality Psychology from the City University of New York and is on the faculty at Utah Valley University. Bart has also collaborated with his wife, choreographer Jacque Bell, to integrate digital technology into modern dance performances, which they share at danceandcode.com. He is on Twitter at @bartonpoulson.

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